The Hunting Ground Australia Project 

Millwood Consulting's Director Allison Henry is the Campaign Director for The Hunting Ground Australia Project, one of six 2015 Good Pitch Australia films

The Hunting Ground (2015) is a critically acclaimed US feature length documentary that focuses on the personal stories of students who have experienced sexual assault on campuses, and the institutional failure of some American universities to respond effectively and appropriately to such abuses. 

The Hunting Ground Australia Project has used the documentary as a tool to engage Australian universities, and the broader community, in a collaborative campaign around the incidence of, and responses to, sexual violence on Australian university campuses. The Project was instrumental in initiating the Australian Human Rights Commission's landmark national student survey, released in August 2017, and in holding Australian universities to account.

A July 2017 progress report outlines the positive impacts of the Project to date. 

In April 2017 The Caledonia Foundation, as lead philanthropic supporter of Good Pitch Australia, was awarded the 2017 Gender-wise Philanthropy Award for The Hunting Ground Australia Project.


Constance on the Edge impact campaign

Millwood Consulting's Director Allison Henry is Impact Producer on Constance on the Edge, a new Australian documentary portraying a Sudanese refugee family’s resettlement in regional Australia. Constance on the Edge is a 2014 Good Pitch Australia film.

Constance on the Edge premiered to a sold out audience at the Sydney Film Festival in June 2016. In November 2016 it launched the Refugee Council of Australia’s first ever Refugee Film Festival in Melbourne and in March 2017 the film was a finalist in the Australian Migration and Settlement Awards, in the category of excellence in journalism.


Refugee advocacy report

In early 2015, Millwood Consulting was enagged by The Caledonia Foundation to undertake a project to map the advocacy capacity of the refugee and asylum seeker sector to influence Australian policy settings: see the final report, Mapping the Advocacy Capacity of the Refugee and Asylum Seeker Sector  

in Sydney on 23-25 October,
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